Seminar Trips

Seminars and Camps

Burden Sensei travels extensively to Aikido seminars and camps all across the Midwest, working with some of the best and most talented instructors and aikidoka in the US. In addition, he often goes to Rolla Aikido, Aikido of St. Joseph, and Grove Aikido to conduct workshops. Students are welcome and encouraged to accompany him on these trips.

Prices are listed with a range of a single occupancy room to 4 person occupancy (which is much cheaper). Any seminar may have a potluck diner, but in most cases you should figure being on your own for food the entire trip.

To make arrangements for any of these trips contact:
Central Aikido & St. Joseph
Rolla Aikido






                          ~ O-Sensei

Workshop Travel


18 Rolla Aikido
28 Aikido of St. Joseph


22 Rolla Aikido


22 Rolla Aikido
25 Aikido of St. Joseph


12 Rolla Aikido

Seminar Packing List
Here is a general list of things you'll need when traveling to seminars. Items in blue are for men, in red for women.

Packing list
  Gi (double check the belt is with it)
  proper underwear for under the gi
  yukyusha book
  water bottle
  sandals or flip flops
  regular clothes for normal events
  nice clothes for Saturday dinner
  sleepwear (you will be sharing a room with others)
  extra bra/panties/undershirt
  extra pair of underwear
  shampoo, body wash, toothbrush & paste
  deodorant & cologne/perfume
  brush & hair ties
  razor & shave cream
 tampons/pads (no matter what)
  choice of pain meds
  allergy meds (if applicable)
  yukyusha book
  a book or two
  laptop charger
  cell phone charger
  money for food, t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.
  yukyusha book
  spare contacts, case & solution (if you wear contacts)
  yukyusha book
  you packed your belt, right?

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