Central Aikido

Central Aikido is a student organization of the University of Central Missouri for the benefit of the student body. It was founded by Cliff Fuller and Tom Burden in April 2009. Originally founded as a group for practicing Aikido, it soon began to grow and change to fill the needs of the members. Cliff, with 27 years in the USAF, served as the general instructor while Tom, with 2 years in the Ki Society, served as president. Classes were originally conducted on the stage of the Lovinger gym, on mismatched mats pieced together. While the conditions were far from ideal, training was steady. By October the club had integrated into the Blue Springs Aikido Schools network to become their second satellite dojo.

In 2011 we moved into the newly renovated Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The move allowed for uninterrupted, more regular classes and then the addition of new classes. Soon after the move we acquired new mats giving us over 1,200 sq feet of padded practice space.

In 2012 all ties with Blue Springs Aikido were severed.

Today Central Aikido is a full dojo with multiple classes offered throughout the week by talented and dedicated instructors. The unique combination of Aikido backgrounds of our instructors brings to the mat some of the wisdom and experience of some of the best Aikidoka in the US, creating an experience not normally found in other dojo.


Our Mission
The mission of Central Aikido, its instructors and officers, is to provide a traditional Aikido training environment in a cohesive and effective manner. Transmitting and perpetuating the philosophy, discipline and techniques of Aikido as established by the Founder.

To improve the mental and physical health of University of Central Missouri students and the surrounding community by using Aikido as an engine to train and enable members to maintain a healthy and balanced life while promoting personal safety, responsibility and unity.

To help, as best we can, fulfill the vision of O-Sensei, the United States Aikido Federation and Hombu Dojo.

                          ~ O-Sensei

Our Principles

While Central Aikido has a straightforward, direct lineage as a dojo, the full lineage is much more complex and is a confluence of the teachings of uchi deshi and privileged students of O-Sensei such as Yoshimitsu Yamada, Mitsunari Kanai, Akira Tohei and Koichi Tohai and others. While we are a USAF dojo and adhere to their standards, the broad lineage of the dojo allows for a greater understanding of aikido.

Mind/Body/Spirit Unification
The mind leads the body. The spirit leads the mind. You are never more powerful than when all three are in harmony. Techniques are only part of the equation.

Precession, Accuracy & Efficiency
Aikido techniques are best done, when you barely know you did anything. Aikido is about blending, harmonizing, and using your opponent's energy against them. It's not about muscle and force. It's not about show. Techniques utilize the least amount of energy for the maximum result.

Martial Defense
Aikido is a martial art, and we treat it as such. If the martial aspect is removed, it is little more than a new exercise fad. Techniques are handled in a true martial form, but Aikido, Budo, and self defense are more than a set of rote techniques. And our teaching never forgets this fact.

Central Aikido    UCM Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Warrensburg MO, 64093    660-429-9151    dojocho@centralaikido.org