Aikido Dictionary

Aikido Names & Titles
Title/Term Pronunciation Meaning
Aikidoka eye-key-doe-kah A person who practices Aikido.
Aikikai eye-key-kie Organizational name for Aikido Headquarters.
Dojo Cho doe-joe cho The operational head of the dojo. A title.
Deshi day-she Student, pupil, disciple
Doshi doe-she Comrade, friend (used among fellow Aikidoka)
Doshu   Head of the Way.
Fukushidoin foo-koo-she-do-in Lit. "Assistant Instructor". This is an appointed title, conferring certification from the USAF to conduct kyu testing. Does not necessarily match to a rank.
Kohai   A junior to one who has trained longer and comes before. A matter of seniority but also an intangible awareness of place in the martial group.
Mukyusha   Those not yet having attained kyu rank. A.K.A. "nokyu".
Nage nah-gay Throw, or the one who throws.
O-Sensei oh-sen-say "Great Teacher" (Morehei Ueshiba).
Otomo oh-tomo Attendant to an Instructor.
Sempai sem-pie Student/Instructor above your rank. A person may be sempai to other kohai but they are also kohai or a junior student to someone else.
Sensei sen-say Teacher, instructor.
Shidoin she-do-in Lit. "Instructor". This is an appointed title, conferring certification from the USAF to conduct kyu and dan testing. Does not necessarily match to a rank.
Shihan she-hawn Senior Instructor, Master Instructor. "Teacher of Teachers". Appointed rank above Shidoin.
Uke ooh-kay The person receiving the technique (attacker).
Yudansha you-dawn-sha Dan, black belt rank.
Yukyusha you-cue-sha Kyu, not yet having attained black belt rank.


Phrase Pronunciation Meaning
Hajimemashite haji-may-mah-she-tay How do you do? (When introduced to someone for the first time)
Ogenki desu ka oh-gen-key des-kah How are you? Are you in good spirits?
Okagesama de oh-kah-ghe-sama day Fine, thank you.
Ohayo gozaimasu ohio go-zah-ee-mahss Good morning (used before 10 am).
Konnichi wa kone-knee-chee wah Hello! Good day (after 10 am).
Komban wa comb-bahn wah Good evening.
Oyasumi nasi oh-yah-sue-me hah-sigh Good night (before bedtime).
Onegai shimasu oh-nay-guy-she-mahss I make a request. (Spoken when one wishes to practice with a fellow student or teacher)
Arigato gozaimasu ah-ree-gah-toe
Thank you.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu doe-moe ah-ree-gah-toe
Formal thank you.
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita doe-moe ah-ree-gah-toe
Formal thank you for what has been received. Past tense.
Sensei, domo arigato gozaimashita sen-say, doe-moe
Sensei (teacher), thank you very much for what you have done. (Spoken by students at the end of Aikido class)
Dozo doe-zoe Please. Go ahead, please continue.
Gomen nasai go-men nah-sigh I'm sorry, excuse me.
Do itashimashite doe ee-tah-she-mah-she-tay Don't mention it. You're welcome.
Sayonara sigh-yoh-nah-rah Good-bye.

                          ~ O-Sensei

Counting in Japanese
1 ichi
2 ni
3 san
4 shi OR yon
5 go
6 roku
7 shichi OR nana
8 hachi
9 ku
10 ju

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